Scooter insurance that works when you do.

Designed for delivery drivers, we offer pay-as-you-go insurance during your working hours, and social, domestic and pleasure insurance to cover you between shifts.

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How it works

Select your insurance

Select your insurance

We offer hourly scooter insurance and social, domestic and pleasure insurance (SD&P). Our hourly option takes care of your working hours, while SD&P covers you between shifts.

Get a quote

Get a quote

You can get a quote for both hourly insurance and SD&P via the Zego app in minutes. Find us on the App Store and Google Play.

You're all set!

You're all set!

Once you accept your quote, all you have to do is link your account to your work provider and you’re ready to go!

Scooter insurance that suits the way you work

Pay-as-you-go hourly insurance

While you’re working on your scooter, you need ‘hire and reward’ insurance to cover you for food delivery and courier work. We offer hourly hire and reward insurance that provides you with cover during your working hours. That means you stop paying for insurance you don’t need - instead you only pay for the hours you’re working.

Social, Domestic & Pleasure Insurance

Aside from hire and reward, you will also need social, domestic and pleasure insurance (SD&P). Our SD&P provides you with insurance whilst you’re not working and is available annually. Whether you’re interested in SD&P, hourly insurance, or both, you can get a quote in minutes by downloading the Zego app.

Combine the two

We’re making insurance work for delivery drivers like you, with flexible hourly insurance to cover you while you’re working, and SD&P to cover you while you’re not. If you take out both with Zego, you will pay less for our pay-as-you-go hourly insurance - all you have to do to get started is download the app. Find us on the App Store or Google Play.

Flexible pricing & cover

Only Work Insurance

Work Insurance + SD&P

Work insurance

with your current Social, Domestic & Pleasure insurance




What’s covered in this plan?

Our insurance is Third Party Only (TPO) and covers you for the hours you’re working on your scooter. That means all other road users are fully covered should you be involved in an incident. Zego’s scooter insurance is underwritten by Antilo UK Ltd on behalf of Calpe Insurance Company.

Do you qualify for our Scooter insurance?

To get insurance with us, you need to be working with one of our approved work providers and meet the following conditions:

Aged 21 to 65

Engine size 50 - 125cc

Full or CBT UK/EU driving licence

No passengers

Part-time work only

Work with one of our approved partners

You have SD&P insurance

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Frequently asked questions about our Scooter insurance

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