We're Zego.
Insurance for the gig economy

A few years ago, we noticed the way people were working was changing. Set hours and permanent contracts were making way for greater flexibility and the ability to work whenever, wherever.

Despite these changes, insurance stayed the same - and that got us thinking.

What if there was a way to make insurance more flexible to meet the demands of today’s workers...

Insurance that delivers.

We started with an hourly policy for scooter delivery drivers. It meant drivers no longer had to pay for insurance they didn’t need. Instead they could get flexible cover for the hours they worked.

Within months the Zego app was launched, allowing users to get the insurance they required on the go.

Plenty more products including 30-day and annual policies for a range of delivery and private hire vehicles soon followed - all designed to enable gig economy workers to make insurance work for them.

Working hard.

Working alongside gig economy workers meant witnessing first-hand the work they do. From delivering food in the middle of the night, to ensuring a passenger gets to their appointment on time, gig economy workers simply don’t stop.

To us, it was vitally important that we worked just as hard for them as they do for us - and that meant launching new products, creating a bigger team and entering new markets.

Branching out.

Any start-up faces plenty of challenges, but operating within the constantly evolving gig-economy meant we had to act fast.

The team grew from 12 to 33 within a matter of months and is still expanding today, with departments adopting a tech-first approach to look into potential new markets and products - all with the aim of better serving gig economy workers.

A growing business.

So far we’ve created hourly, 30 day and annual insurance policies for everyone from cyclists to taxi drivers and beyond, but we’re always looking towards the future with new products added all the time.

Our list of work providers is growing too, enabling more and more people to take advantage of flexible insurance that fits the way they work.

We’ve also broadened our horizons by welcoming gig economy workers throughout Europe to Zego - and we’re only just getting started…

Always listening.

If we’ve learnt anything (on our journey) so far it’s that listening is extremely important. We take our lead from gig economy workers, and thanks to our tech base we can adapt quickly, meaning if the demand for a product arises, we deliver it fast.

We know that working in the gig economy means more than providing products to suit worker’s needs, it’s about being adaptable, ambitious and open to new ideas.

So if you’re a gig economy worker and require something we don’t currently offer, why not tell us about it? We work for you after all.

The founders

Sten Saar


Nominated as Europe's Young Entrepreneur by Bloomberg Businessweek in 2007, Sten rose to prominence at the age of 17, founding his own business selling innovative notepads for students. The company traded in four different countries, with a net revenue of one million dollars. Succeeding this, Sten moved to London to work for successful start-up Quickstart Global, expanding their international presence. In 2011, Sten joined luxury property rental company onefinestay where he focussed on building the service delivery function as Head of Operations. Before Zego, Sten worked for Deliveroo developing their operational infrastructure to support the rapid growth of the business.

Harry Franks


With a total of nine years experience in start-ups, Harry’s first entry into the tech space was as a Marketing Category Manager at Reevoo. His subsequent experience at Wheelfreedom focused on team building, stock management and bookkeeping. At luxury home rental startup onefinestay Harry concentrated on property on-boarding, later directing property maintenance in London before taking his operational expertise to an international level in Los Angeles. Prior to founding Zego, Harry was Head of Global Procurement at Deliveroo where he established and advanced the company’s global scalability.

Stuart Kelly


Originally from Australia, Stuart moved to the UK in 2010 to work at Ministry of Sound. As the sole Front-end Developer he renovated the company website, transforming its visual and interactive identity. At onefinestay Stuart built and led the Front-end team and took the platform from one market to a global level, expanding to seven locations worldwide. Stuart then moved on to Mainframe as Lead Developer, using his expertise to scale the business by managing and evolving their apps to improve user functionality. Before joining Zego, Stuart was Head of Engineering at successful start-up Hubble, where he re-architected the technology to create a scalable global platform.

Our Partners

We believe the best way to grow the business is by working with great people who share our ambition of becoming the go-to insurer for gig economy workers everywhere. That’s why we’re backed by venture capitalists Balderton Capital and Local Globe, who are both just as passionate about creating innovative solutions to meet the growing needs of the gig economy as we are.

Balderton Capital on Zego

“In the end (investing in) Zego was an easy decision, as Zego offered all the attributes we had been looking for with an insurtech investment.”

Balderton is Europe’s largest early-stage venture capital investor, with funds totalling $2.6BN, their primary focus is European technology companies at Series A.

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